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Alabama Chambers formally known as the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama (CCAA) consists of Chambers of Commerce, their executives and staff, and members of business and community organizations that directly serve chamber of commerce work in the State of Alabama.

In addition, we provide our members with exceptional services in the areas of advocacy, professional development, and communication of issues that affect the local business community. We also serve as a clearinghouse for business-related information, peer-to-peer networking opportunities and other contacts that serve the needs of local Chamber of Commerce professionals.

In 2003, the grassroots efforts of Alabama Chambers were strengthened when "The Partnership" was formed between Alabama Chambers and the Business Council of Alabama (BCA). The Partnership was the first of its kind in the United States and has become a model for other states. Together, the two groups represent the interests and concerns of over one million working Alabamians.


To build stronger chambers of commerce in Alabama through professional development, partnerships, and a united voice for business.


To empower Alabama Chambers for economic progress.

Strategic Priorities

  • Organizational Development
    To support and encourage strong organizational structure & financial security for all Alabama chambers.
    To recognize and celebrate professional and organizational success.
  • Professional Development
    To provide top level training for all chamber professionals
    To encourage professional credentials
    To promote & encourage chamber work as a viable career option.
  • Advocacy
    To raise the collective voice of chambers & the businesses they represent on state & federal issues.
    To enhance & elevate the reputation and influence of chambers across the state.
  • Collaborative Leadership
    To cultivate a strong collaborative working relationship with likeminded associations/organizations.
    To create a "seat at the table" for chambers in conversations across the state.
  • Association of Excellence
    To adhere to the highest level of professional integrity to gain and retain the trust of our members and associates.
    To lead by example.

The Numbers

Formed in 1937

Chambers in Alabama
Are Members of CCAA
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