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Alabama Chambers presents numerous awards on an annual basis to highlight and showcase the successes and accomplishments of Chambers of Commerce and individual chamber executives in Alabama. Each award and/or designation is competitively submitted and selected. These distinctions serve to recognize and reward excellence in the profession of chamber management and leadership in Alabama.

Presented at the Annual Executive Leadership Conference, AACE is designed to recognize the professional competence of chamber of commerce executives in the state of Alabama. The AACE designation is based upon the experience, service of Alabama Chambers, training, continuing education and professional achievement of Alabama Chambers members.

Presented at the Annual Executive Leadership Conference, AACC is designed to public awareness of the intent of the chamber of commerce brand as a not-for-profit community development-based business membership organization by providing a peer review process of generally accepted chamber of commerce organization benchmarks.

Presented at the Annual Executive Leadership Conference, this award recognizes the commendable performance and leadership of an emerging Alabama chamber professional with under 5 years' experience as a chamber professional.

Presented at the Annual Executive Leadership Conference, this award recognizes the exemplary performance and leadership of an Alabama chamber professional with their local chamber. The award recognizes the long-term professional career achievements of the candidate.

Chamber Partner Award

Presented at the Annual Executive Leadership Conference, and awarded on an "as needed" basis to an affiliate member for the their long-term investment in, engagement with, and overall support of Alabama Chambers.

Distinguished Service Awards

Presented at the Annual Professional Development Conference, these awards are presented to chamber executives and staff who have completed 10 years of chamber work and every 5 years thereafter.

Presented at the Annual Meeting, the Jamie Wallace Award, named after the a legendary Alabama chamber of commerce executive with almost 30 years' experience, is the highest honor a chamber of commerce executive can receive in the State of Alabama. It is awarded only in years in which an individual meets the strict stated criteria of "a chamber of commerce professional in the state of Alabama who has displayed outstanding attributes in their daily vocation" and is chosen from nominees submitted by Alabama Chambers members and awarded by an outside panel of judges.

Presented at the Annual Meeting by "The Partnership", the Alabama Small Business Awards annually recognize Alabama's outstanding small businesses and the widespread positive impacts they have on their local communities.

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