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Alabama Accredited Chamber of Commerce

Submission Deadline: Friday, April 15, 2022.

One of the most prestigious programs of the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama (CCAA) is the Alabama Certified Chamber Program. The Alabama Certified Chamber Program sets standards of excellence for chambers in the State of Alabama. It recognizes chambers that have achieved those standards while offering guidelines for those to improve their effectiveness.

The Alabama Certified Chamber Program is designed to promote public awareness of the intent of the chamber of commerce brand as a not-for-profit community development- based business membership organization by providing a peer review process of generally accepted chamber of commerce organizational benchmarks.

The Alabama Certified Chamber Program looks at six standard topics: Organization, Mission Focus, Professional Administration, Financial Management, Communications, and, Advocacy.

Why should your Chamber become a Alabama Certified Chamber?

The benefits are numerous. Certification demonstrates your commitment to improvements in your operations that makes you a more valuable and competent organization.

Certification will benefit your Chamber by:

  • Committing the chamber to meet important standards established collectively by members of CCAA.
  • Establishing that the Certified Chamber meets those important standards by CCAA.
  • Validating the Certified Chamber as existing for the purpose inherent in the time-honored tradition of a “Chamber of Commerce.”
  • Increasing your credibility with your Boards of Directors and your membership.
  • Helping with membership recruitment and retention.
  • Helping differentiate your chamber from other chambers and business associations.

What does the Alabama Certified Chamber designation mean to the community or area where the chamber is located?

Certification benefits the community by:

  • Setting high standards, which their chamber of commerce voluntarily ascribes to and meets.
  • Providing the assurance that their local chamber of commerce aspires to excellence in a manner consistent with chambers of commerce across the State of Alabama.
  • Strengthening free enterprise by protecting the business environment.
  • Providing assurances to the businesses joining the chamber that they are investing in a not-for-profit corporation whose revenues are utilized for business and public good and not personal gain.

Applicants for the Certified Alabama Chamber program should complete the application form included below and return it to*:

Re: Certified Chamber Program
2 North Jackson Street, Suite 607
Montgomery, AL 36104

*Include $250.00 application fee
*Include $100.00 application fee (USCC Accredited Chambers only)

Or via email to:
Paige Hutto

Submission Deadline: Friday, April 15, 2022.

The Alabama Certified Chamber designations will be presented at the CCAA Executive Leadership Conference, May 17-19, 2022/ Embassy Suites Downtown Tuscaloosa.

How to Apply

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